Definition of road trip in English:

road trip


  • 1A journey made by car, bus, etc.

    • ‘Six friends on a road trip stop off in a small town in the middle of nowhere to spend the night.’
    • ‘The remake tells the story of a family road trip that goes terrifyingly awry when the travelers become stranded in a government atomic zone.’
    • ‘When his wife, Helen, dies unexpectedly, he becomes more alienated and embarks on a nostalgic road trip.’
    • ‘Summer means a lot of things to me - road trips, the beach, Big Day Out - but perhaps more importantly, summer means Miniature Golf.’
    • ‘He leaves home on his son's third birthday and begins a cross-country road trip to try to answer some of his nagging questions about himself.’
    • ‘When she misses her train, Isa's day sightseeing turns into a road trip through Rajasthan by rickshaw.’
    • ‘The road trip that results, as one would expect, is ripe with adventure, from motorcycle crashes, to drunken endeavours, to amorous encounters with beautiful women.’
    • ‘My vacations consisted of road-trips down the coast to fishing villages and oyster beds.’
    • ‘The next day, we took a little road-trip further down into the heart of Bourgogne.’
    • ‘He invites them on a road trip to an unexplained destination, to which they only barely accept.’
    • ‘The film is a nicely-played road movie about two men who take a road trip together through California's wine region on the week before one is to get married.’
    • ‘The film soundtrack would made an excellent companion piece for any forthcoming road trips, or a terrific listen for anyone who fancies chilling out to some classic tracks.’
    • ‘If you can get along on a road trip, the relationship will probably last;’
    • ‘Imagine Tenoch's surprise when he receives a call from Luisa, asking whether their invitation of a road trip to a mysterious, secluded beach is still open.’
    • ‘It's August 1973 and five college-age friends are on a road trip through Texas.’
    • ‘The road trip is a little bit about a great disappointment that turns to a great victory later, a challenge that became a success.’
    • ‘Johnny and his trainer, Bruce, are taking a little road trip when they make a stop in the small New England town of Hobbs Landing.’
    • ‘The result is the musical equivalent of a day at the beach - a lively, occasionally laid-back, sunshine album that's perfect for those long summer road trips.’
    • ‘Miles resolves to go on a road trip with Jack, and heads up to California's wine region for a journey of self-discovery.’
    • ‘They arrived in Hemsby in Norfolk this afternoon after a 26-hour road trip from Hamburg, via the Harwich ferry.’
  • 2North American A series of sporting fixtures played away from home.

    • ‘Did you know that the basketball coach, gives each of his players a book before each road trip?’


North American
  • no object Make a journey by car, bus, etc.

    ‘they road-tripped from New Jersey to Hollywood’
    • ‘You don't need a car in the main village, but you'll want to reserve one before you arrive (either at the airport or in Whistler) for at least a day so you can road-trip to the north.’
    • ‘We have spent two days road-tripping to the sparsely settled northern end of Vancouver Island.’
    • ‘I road-tripped up to New Plymouth with my hair straightener, my black pointed stilettos and my sense of humour, because I didn't quite know what to expect.’
    • ‘On Sunday we're road-tripping to a Gawler caravan park to see Beth.’
    • ‘I am going to take a fellow Bostonian's opinion on this one too - no one road-trips quite like a Patriots fan.’
    • ‘If you're not up for road-tripping to California, the tour's next stop, do yourself a favour and pick up the original cast recording.’
    • ‘Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nong of China was road-tripping about his vast empire and, taking a rest one day, prepared to imbibe a lovely cup of boiled water, when a falling tea leaf floated into his cup.’
    • ‘Through arrest reports and newspaper articles, he followed one activist as she road-tripped across the country from Oregon to California to Minnesota.’
    • ‘Plato's a little thick, so he ends up cheating, and they end up road-tripping to Mount Olympus so he can wrestle in the Olympics.’
    • ‘It's not like the doctor was road-tripping through Antarctica where there's no cell phone coverage.’


road trip