Definition of road tax in English:

road tax


mass nounBritish
  • A periodic tax payable on motor vehicles using public roads.

    • ‘You will also have to pay an added 10 per cent road tax for each year after your car hits age 10.’
    • ‘More importantly for buyers in its home country, the engine is fully compliant with the very strict Euro 4 exhaust emission standards, so it is exempt from German road tax until 2005.’
    • ‘The original market value of the car is £18,000, and the employer bears all the costs in respect of private fuel, insurance, repair and servicing and road tax.’
    • ‘Like most car owners, I pay my road tax, buy fuel, have it serviced and get it repaired when it goes wrong.’
    • ‘They can be driven by 16-year-olds, are inexpensive to insure and, at €35 a year, fall into the cheapest category of road tax.’
    • ‘Most packages cover road tax, breakdown assistance and regular servicing, and take care of details like tyres, clutch, wiper blades and shock absorbers.’
    • ‘The system is intended to automatically alert police if a car is stolen, if road tax hasn't been paid or the MoT is out of date, or if the driver is uninsured.’
    • ‘If my little old banger is still chugging along at the start of next year, I might have to look at what's on offer at the Post Office when I pop in to renew my road tax.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that, with effect from January 1 next year, no reduction in BIK is available where the employee pays for private fuel, road tax, repairs or insurance.’
    • ‘Cars over 30 years old are exempt from the National Car Test and there is no Vehicle Registration Tax or road tax to pay.’
    • ‘The scheme involves an embedded chip that will automatically report to authorities a wide range of offences including speeding, road tax evasion and illegal parking.’
    • ‘The IRHA is lobbying politicians to introduce an infrastructural levy to replace new tolls and for the crediting of tolls against road tax.’
    • ‘James could be getting an extra £78 per week and exemption from road tax on the family car.’
    • ‘In 80 per cent of companies supplying cars, insurance, road tax, servicing and repairs are paid for.’
    • ‘A further help in keeping running costs down is that the tiny engine size means a road tax of only €151 for a full year.’
    • ‘However, at present I pay for my road use once by paying road tax.’
    • ‘Each vehicle comes with a three-year warranty, one year's breakdown cover, 12 month road tax and a week's return policy.’


road tax