Definition of road pricing in English:

road pricing


mass noun
  • The practice of charging motorists to use busy roads at certain times, especially to relieve congestion in urban areas.

    • ‘From the motorist's perspective the most important bottom line is possibly that the outfit recommends a tax increase, rather than a neutral substitution of road pricing for current transport revenue sources.’
    • ‘So far, such a sophisticated use of road pricing in cities to reduce pollution and congestion problems is limited.’
    • ‘Even if technical barriers could be overcome road pricing remains highly controversial politically.’
    • ‘Gradually, the EU is also turning its attention to policy instruments such as pollution taxes, road pricing, and other market-based measures.’
    • ‘London has shown that the public will accept road pricing, and has also shown that it can be used to reduce traffic.’
    • ‘The government could use revenue raised from road pricing for redistributive measures, including better public transport.’
    • ‘That, at least in theory, might make increased charges to urban motorists that would accompany the introduction of road pricing easier to swallow.’
    • ‘The notion that taxation might be used to adjust for externalities is gaining currency among policymakers for example, the ‘polluter pays’ principle and road pricing to reduce congestion.’
    • ‘Loveday found that 56% of respondents supported the concept of electronic road pricing.’
    • ‘While this policy may work in some areas, traffic densities in most rural areas would make road pricing difficult to sustain.’


road pricing