Definition of road car in English:

road car


  • A car that meets the legal requirements for use on ordinary roads, especially a racing car adapted for road use.

    • ‘The arched roof line, at its highest point, has become a feature of Nissan road cars since the Fusion concept car became Primera.’
    • ‘Seat has taken the wraps off its most potent and sporting road car to date - the 210 bhp Leon Cupra R.’
    • ‘It is important in Ford history as it was their first 4WD road car.’
    • ‘The second key part of the Moller design is the computerised control system, which will allow anyone to pilot his craft as easily as a road car.’
    • ‘According to sources, he has driven a McLaren F1 LM road car in the pan-European Gumball 3000 rally.’
    • ‘Toyota builds complete road cars so why not a complete F1 race car?’
    • ‘So when I was asked to take a high-powered road car to an exclusively booked circuit for a morning of tail-out, power sliding, I had to double-check.’
    • ‘To put that in perspective, it takes the world's fastest road car 3.2 seconds to reach 60 and 7.5 to reach 100.’
    • ‘You get a real cross-section of people in here but the majority have fast road cars or modified cars.’
    • ‘Returning to Sweden, he recuperated and bought a Lotus Super 7 as a road car.’
    • ‘Ferrari has unveiled its fastest ever road car.’
    • ‘He rarely crashes these days, but Loeb still likes to drive fast, even though his road cars are a selection of relatively tame Citroëns such as the C2 VTR and C8.’
    • ‘The company now hopes to use the results of testing on the record vehicle to fine tune a road car, planned for 2005.’
    • ‘After stumping up the £5,000 entry fee, the duo set about stripping down a standard road car and rebuilding it themselves to fit the rally's regulations.’
    • ‘Filming of the project has taken place over several months, covering conversion of a road car into a full-blown rally machine.’
    • ‘Sensotronic Brake Control is the world's first ‘brake by wire’ system fitted to a road car.’
    • ‘Speed freaks were also enamoured with the fastest road car at the show.’
    • ‘Some represent the outrageous imaginings of top designers while others hint at technology and styling set to filter through to road cars within the next five years.’
    • ‘The cars were identically prepared race-tuned versions of the new road car launched in Britain in September 2003.’
    • ‘‘When I was driving, we always said that racing car technology improves road cars,’ admits Nikki Lauda.’