Definition of road-going in English:



  • (of a car) meeting legal requirements for use on ordinary roads.

    • ‘The GTA's dynamics as a road-going car may leave a bit to be desired, but no one can dispute the fact that the looks are stunning.’
    • ‘Drivers of the latest road-going car have the benefits of all these years of development.’
    • ‘The MG XPower SV has been developed from the start as a road-going track car, so the modifications required to make it race-legal are quite minimal.’
    • ‘That would make it 12 mph faster than the McLaren F1, hitherto the world's fastest road-going car.’
    • ‘Rally fans keen to get a taste of a lovely, sleek rally Impreza, can now start putting in an order because Subaru has launched road-going versions of its winning car, but with certain obvious and legal restraints.’
    • ‘The original 911 Turbo had a top speed of 155 mph and was for a long time Germany's fastest road-going sports car.’
    • ‘It leverages off the back of its WRC pedigree by producing the Impreza WRX STi - a very fast road-going version its rally car.’
    • ‘They arrived for the event with just one point separating them and a first prize of a brand new road-going Peugeot 206 and a works drive for next year.’
    • ‘With a road-going Porsche 911 Carrera up for grabs at the end of the season, there is a lot to play for!’
    • ‘Just over two months later he was back on track, riding for the first time since the accident on a road-going machine at Donington Park.’
    • ‘By now, the Americans were crying out for a road-going version of the impossibly beautiful car and in 1956 the 356A was born in direct response to this demand.’
    • ‘It was capable of over 300 kph in the track versions, but even the road-going version was capable of 225 kph.’
    • ‘Those who lust after the latest road-going Ferrari should spare a moment for the people who have helped make Ferrari the icon it is today.’
    • ‘The road-going version of this car is graceful and, with its pop-up headlights, looks the biz.’
    • ‘The overall 2004 champion will pick up a brand new road-going Porsche Carrera, with a value of around £55,000.’
    • ‘There is a plusher cabin interior and new console and switchgear, making the WRX series, public road-going versions of the acclaimed world rally car, a car to lust after.’
    • ‘Ford Focus RS which makes its Irish debut in October is the closest you can get to a road-going version of Colin McRae's World Rally Championship contender.’