Definition of RNase in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • An enzyme which promotes the breakdown of RNA into oligonucleotides and smaller molecules.

    • ‘The skin excretes RNase, which cuts up the RNA in RNA-based viruses.’
    • ‘A second possibility to account for false-negative results might be inactivation of the enzyme by RNase.’
    • ‘The extracted nucleic acid was suspended in TE and treated with RNase at 37 deg C for 30 min.’
    • ‘Before analysis, cells were spun out of ethanol and resuspended in 1.5 ml PBS containing propidium iodide (100 [microg/ml) and RNase.’
    • ‘We select proteins RNase, SNAse, Barnase, CheY, Im7, and P16, for which, at the experimental conditions studied, the existence of intermediates in the folding process have been observed experimentally.’


1950s: from RNA + -ase.