Definition of riviera in English:



  • 1A coastal region with a subtropical climate and vegetation.

    • ‘The Dalmatian riviera in Croatia is fast becoming the place to be seen.’
    • ‘Holiday destination to none other than the Blair family, Sharm el Sheikh is also know as the Red Sea riviera.’
    • ‘Western Liguria is home to the Italian riviera and the eastern side borders Tuscany.’
    • ‘Trieste sits on the Italian riviera, near the Slovenian border and at the foot of the Alps, terraced with peach coloured villas.’
    • ‘Poor in resources it may be, but the riviera, which in Italian simply means shore, in Liguria becomes The Riviera, a rocky, hauntingly lovely strip of coastline connecting France to Tuscany.’
    1. 1.1 Part of the Mediterranean coastal region of southern France and northern Italy, extending from Cannes to La Spezia, famous for its beauty, mild climate, and fashionable resorts.


Mid 18th century: from Italian, literally ‘seashore’.