Definition of riverbed in English:



  • The bed or channel in which a river flows.

    • ‘He knelt down near the riverbed and put water over his face.’
    • ‘The water that flows over the cascading riverbeds here appears dark copper because the earth is filled with iron.’
    • ‘I'd never admit it, but I knew that the desert hid old riverbeds that could quickly flood in such a downpour, so it was quite stupid that I was intending to go there.’
    • ‘Whether it is a streak of water flowing down a dry riverbed or a cast shadow disrupting the almost monochrome field is unclear.’
    • ‘In severe drought years some reaches of the riverbed dried up completely, resulting in lasting habitat damage.’
    • ‘Once they receive word that the river has dried, they head out to the riverbed and scoop minnows out of isolated pools.’
    • ‘Also, as more water flows, parts of the riverbed break away.’
    • ‘His boots tell the tale of countless treks up and down the sunbaked gravel and silt of the Gila's riverbed.’
    • ‘Once a year, like clockwork, the Old Delhi dam is opened, flooding the dry riverbeds.’