Definition of riverbank in English:



  • The bank of a river.

    • ‘It is a well known that virtually every ancient civilization flourished on riverbanks.’
    • ‘Looking around, she saw the horses grazing by the riverbank, the stream gurgling away beside them.’
    • ‘We fished together, in rowboats, off riverbanks and bridges, in rivers and lakes, with worms and fish eggs, and lures and flies.’
    • ‘She walked along the riverbank for several kilometers, until she reached a large waterfall, located on a cliff face.’
    • ‘Claiming they owned the riverbanks and the streambed itself, they routinely denied the public access to rivers and streams.’
    • ‘When he emerged into the clear air by the riverbank, Tom was sitting where the water lapped at the cold stones.’
    • ‘Rising waters would uproot prosperous farmers from the fertile riverbanks, forcing an estimated 100,000 people to move to higher ground where they could no longer plant corn and wheat.’
    • ‘Willow, olives and tamarind are also introduced as all are species that thrive on riverbanks.’
    • ‘Traditionally, communities were built along waterways - both seacoast and riverbanks - to facilitate the transportation of timber logs for export.’
    • ‘The main threats are probably the re-alignment of riverbanks and removal of riverside trees, but water pollution and river dredging are also serious problems.’
    • ‘She saw people along the riverbank, bathing, washing their clothing, watering their livestock or fetching a bucketful.’
    • ‘Water smacked the riverbanks in large waves from the impact.’
    • ‘Water lilies grew along the riverbank as the stream of water flowed around trees that grew juicy fruits.’
    • ‘Outside, he could hear the sound of the river and a slap of waves against the riverbank as the occasional pleasure boat went by.’
    • ‘After a few weeks of casually watching the water level rise moderately along the riverbank, some concern began to set in.’
    • ‘Had the riverbanks been broached then the damage caused would have been catastrophic, both in human terms and in its effect on the business and commercial life of the city.’
    • ‘The footprints continued down the riverbank, heading towards the water.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Cameron made her way down to the river, sitting near the riverbank.’
    • ‘Each tagged fish was placed into a clear bucket of river water, carried down to the riverbank, and released.’
    • ‘The project has given free livestock-operated drinking pumps to farmers, to help reduce sediment and nutrients entering the water from the riverbank.’