Definition of rivalry in English:



  • [mass noun] Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field:

    ‘there always has been intense rivalry between the clubs’
    [count noun] ‘personal and political rivalries’
    • ‘Intense domestic rivalry was also found to be important in spurring the industry to innovate and upgrade.’
    • ‘Are India and China, the world's newest great powers, condemned to inevitable rivalry?’
    • ‘We didn't have any kind of sibling rivalry or jealousy or anything else that normal siblings do.’
    • ‘There have been hundreds of new viruses released, the majority the result of a display of rivalry between two virus writers.’
    • ‘The aftermath of the Cold War produced renewed interservice rivalry over allocation of roles, missions, and budgetary shares.’
    • ‘Our rivalry, sadly, was probably a large contributor to the demise of New Hack City, a project that both of us were passionate about.’
    • ‘The success of these talks is important for both countries and hence is likely to mitigate their military rivalry.’
    • ‘Their rivalry had been one of friendly competition and challenging each other to go to the extreme.’
    • ‘The rivalry is great - to be sure to get a place in the orchestra, the young musician has to win one of the prizes.’
    • ‘Did the normal business competition and healthy professional rivalry they cultivated really amount to a war?’
    • ‘In the arithmetic of superpower rivalry during the Cold War people tended to be forgotten, the reality buried under rhetoric.’
    • ‘Venice, always in rivalry with the papal city, often presented itself as the new Rome.’
    • ‘I felt that I had witnessed some type of argument, sibling rivalry, and battle of wits all rolled into a few bizarre minutes.’
    • ‘Greater rivalry in imperfectly competitive markets can be expected to encourage firms to operate more efficiently.’
    • ‘Finding a new platform to express their long-standing rivalry, both Britain and France opted out of judging for medals.’
    • ‘Her quiet words and calm demeanor reminded him more of their time as friends then this rivalry they now had going on.’
    • ‘Smith doesn't try to control his athletes' rivalry or ensure that it stays healthy off of the track.’
    • ‘Therefore, US-Japanese economic rivalry for the Chinese market is likely to intensify.’
    • ‘As we got older, our rivalry went from just being competitive to becoming extremely violent.’
    • ‘In some towns the opposition between the two camps runs deep, but in this region rivalry appears to be more muted.’
    competitiveness, competition, contention, vying
    opposition, conflict, struggle, strife, feuding, dissension, discord, antagonism, friction, enmity
    keeping up with the joneses
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