Definition of rivalrous in English:



  • Prone to or subject to rivalry.

    ‘rivalrous presidential aspirants’
    • ‘Competition is a rivalrous process in which businesses struggle to be the best producers of goods and services.’
    • ‘She was highly competitive and rivalrous and said, ‘I'm going to go talk to your professors.’’
    • ‘The perils of distinguishing true predatory behaviour from beneficial rivalrous behaviour mean that the threshold for regulatory intervention should be high.’
    • ‘It proves highly conflictual, as the response elicited from other women/mothers/girls is usually disapproving and warning, or alternatively rivalrous.’
    • ‘As a result, we keep following the cycle of tearing down the old to build new structures of cooperation that carry the rivalrous seeds of its own destruction.’
    • ‘In other parts of the world, where unitary Empires and not rivalrous states were the norm, such economic transformation did not take place.’
    • ‘Reflecting the rivalrous aspirations of a tumultuous, multilayered and multicultural society, it voices itself in a multitude of apparently incongruous vocabularies of form.’
    • ‘Similar hypotheses to our own, derived from assuming oligopolistic or rivalrous behavior, have been a subject of study in the field of international business.’