Definition of ritzy in English:


adjectiveritziest, ritzier

  • Expensively stylish.

    ‘the ritzy Plaza Hotel’
    • ‘He turned into the Zona Rosa, a large pedestrian area of ritzy stores and boutiques, Latin techno music shaking his bones as he walked past their open fronts.’
    • ‘The restaurant Adam chose to go to was this fancy-nancy one located in the most expensive and ritzy of London.’
    • ‘She dined on spectacular food in the restaurant, before retiring to the ritzy barn bar for Mojito Royales.’
    • ‘Soon Jessica and Kyle were walking into the entrance of the ritzy hotel known as The Hotel Wilshire.’
    • ‘They stay in a ritzy castle/hotel high in the Alps.’
    • ‘The car stopped in front of an upper-class, ritzy hotel, and the group got out.’
    • ‘He owns a palatial Moorish villa on Spain's ritzy Costa del Sol and a ski chalet in Saint Moritz, Switzerland.’
    • ‘The pair had been married for almost 20 years and lived in a seven-room apartment on Manhattan's comfortable, if not ritzy, West End Avenue.’
    • ‘He frowned, knowing that Monument Circle was the ritzy part of town where Governor Malcolm himself lived, but figured that maybe she worked there, or maybe her mother did.’
    • ‘If you blew your holiday shopping and entertaining budget, skip toasting the New Year with expensive champagne at an overpriced party or ritzy restaurant.’
    • ‘As far as she could tell, it was about some guy moving to some island and going to ritzy parties and drinking.’
    • ‘The upper floors of a ritzy skyscraper may seem an unlikely home for a museum of contemporary art, but in the metropolitan context of Tokyo almost anything is possible.’
    • ‘For lunch we ate at a ritzy hotel café on the beach.’
    • ‘He thanked them and followed their directions to the hotel, which as he guessed was ritzy and glamorous and all the things he never could afford to be.’
    • ‘These pieces and the others in the collection can do double-duty as resort wear when you are on vacation on the Mexican Riviera or aptly set you apart from the crowd at a ritzy social event at Lincoln Center.’
    • ‘But in the years since then, Eilat became a popular Red Sea resort destination, complete with exclusive hotels and ritzy nightclubs.’
    • ‘The two were seen having a drink at the ritzy Wallcrest Hotel late last night.’
    • ‘The room was like some sort of ritzy hotel room, complete with a dresser, a vanity, and a four-poster bed.’
    • ‘Okay, before we got on the subject of where I work, I'll just say that it's not glamorous or ritzy or anything like that.’
    • ‘He gave the vodka a high $30-a-liter price tag, made it a fixture at ritzy events, and hawked it as the world's best-tasting vodka after it won a 1998 award.’
    luxurious, luxury, deluxe, plush, sumptuous, palatial, lavish, lavishly appointed, gorgeous, opulent, splendid, magnificent, lush, glamorous, glittering, rich, costly, expensive, upmarket, fancy, stylish, grandiose
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