Definition of ritually in English:



  • 1In a way that is done as a religious or solemn rite.

    ‘the temple is ritually cleansed’
    • ‘Ritually tattooed from his waist to his knees, the Maori artist gently paints the bull's skinny shanks.’
    • ‘The biggest holiday for them is the three-day series of ceremonies to sacrifice to the ancestral spirits and ritually renew the village.’
    • ‘When is it appropriate to ritually make an offering of some kind?’
    • ‘Ritually anointing our hands is a symbol of the renewal of creation as well as a spiritual cleansing in preparation for the work of the new day.’
    • ‘On the tenth day, they are ritually sent back into the spiritual world and the vases are emptied and inverted to signify the end of the festival.’
    • ‘The ritually impure might handle such coins through a layer of cloth.’
    • ‘Traditional carvers would regard their wood splitting as evidence of malignant spirits and would be careful to ritually burn or bury an abandoned sculpture.’
    • ‘These women would ritually marry men of a superior caste, have numerous lovers, and bear legitimate children.’
    • ‘Sacred cats lived inside the shrine and were ritually fed.’
    • ‘I had seen her 'smudge' the house with sage smoke, which, done ritually, cleanses the atmosphere.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that arises from convention or habit.
      ‘I ritually check the local news sites’
      • ‘Rival studios and crabby film reviewers may ritually harass the studio, but it remains the most innovative producer of animation in Hollywood.’
      • ‘They have eschewed the normal pretence of paying homage to the budgetary rules, as other countries have ritually done when found in persistent breach.’
      • ‘It became a movie the entire family watched ritually in consensual comprehension of the continuing dangers of ignorance, hate, and violence.’
      • ‘Truth commissions ritually invert the position of the victim in the politics of pain by shifting the focus from terror to trauma.’
      • ‘They share their father's OCD and ritually recite odd thoughts.’
      • ‘Each month he ritually held an hour-long session of throwing unwanted 'rubbish' out.’
      • ‘Many passers-by stopped to read the posters in detail, as if to ritually acknowledge the lives recorded there.’
      • ‘It is the first time Hitchcock would ritually humiliate a glacial blonde onscreen.’
      • ‘He appears to slide the glass panel on the left side closed, and then the action is almost ritually repeated in reverse order.’
      • ‘The heroic message of against-all-odds struggle and triumph make this film a popular favorite, broadcast ritually every New Year.’