Definition of ritualistic in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of rituals followed as part of a religious or solemn ceremony:

    ‘a ritualistic act of worship’
    • ‘The story has a tribal storyteller style to it and is almost ritualistic in places - what prompted this?’
    • ‘There are tears in his eyes, as though this is some sort of ritualistic experience for him.’
    • ‘Catholicism is the most ritualistic of America's major religions, but viewers saw little of the power in this ritual.’
    • ‘Every detail of life here is ritualistic, spiritual, and imbued with meaning, even the empty rooms of Marie's house.’
    • ‘The poet's ritualistic performance, however, does not simply imitate a traditional daily Mass.’
    • ‘Of the endless variety of ritualistic folk dances, many have magical significance and are connected with ancient cults.’
    • ‘Designed for specific, often ritualistic uses in a traditional culture, these objects are prized as fine works of art by Western collectors, galleries and museums.’
    • ‘It previously would take place with beautiful traditional ceremonies and secret ritualistic sacrifices to the ancestors.’
    • ‘There is a short feature on the difference between voodoo and hoodoo, which illuminates how one is an organized religion, and the other is a ritualistic practice of magic.’
    • ‘Sculptures, a sarcophagus, jewellery, furniture, ritualistic objects and tableware from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East and the European Dark Ages will be available for sale.’
    • ‘Because of this the martial disciplines are linked with a fixed set up of ritualistic procedures and are often performed within a monastic and rigid code of conduct.’
    • ‘The City was enmeshed in ritualistic and religious concepts.’
    • ‘Ukrainians are ritualistic and religious in their funeral rites as well.’
    • ‘The ancient Maya were imagined as a prehistoric, mysterious, ritualistic cult, ineluctably estranged from European historical and philosophical systems.’
    • ‘Besides these formal organizations, Filipinos gather with others from their province for ritualistic and religious ceremonies and festivals.’
    • ‘In India, the great 12 th-century poet-mystic Basava, who rebelled against ritualistic and superstitious temple worship and caste system, was a critical insider.’
    1. 1.1 Invariably performed in the same way:
      ‘the party's ritualistic display of support for their leader’
      • ‘With their origins in guerrilla street performance and ritualistic collective improvisations staged at various Tokyo-area temples, the band's formative years seemed destined to remain in the shadows.’
      • ‘It is customary, almost ritualistic, to conclude a paper like this with a call for more research, to broaden the sample, and so on.’
      • ‘Again, the music's mood is ritualistic and almost fiercely celebratory.’
      • ‘The dance, despite being ‘new age,’ was just vaguely traditional and almost ritualistic.’
      • ‘Another example is the ritualistic question asked at the end of job interviews, ‘Have you any questions?’’
      • ‘It is ironic that in an issue devoted to the preservation of salmon you glorify the ritualistic hunting and consumption of them.’
      • ‘He's built on one aspect, kind of a ritualistic and performative quality in Duncan's work.’
      • ‘Reeling from disastrous results in the local and European elections, some elements in the party have resorted to a ritualistic blaming of the Progressive Democrats for their woes.’
      traditional, established, long-established, long-standing, long-lived, old-time, historic, age-old, folk, old-world, ancestral, enduring, lasting
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