Definition of ritualism in English:



  • 1The regular observance or practice of ritual, especially when excessive or without regard to its function.

    • ‘These remains document an extravagant ritualism and outspoken insistence on the nobles' political dignity.’
    • ‘Eventually the use of the body, ritualism, masquerade, and the shrine-like aura in non-Western religious and art practices found their way into conceptual art.’
    • ‘In addition, Protestantism, with its emphasis on ‘godly’ preaching and Bible study, was an academic creed, unattractive to illiterate villagers steeped in the oral traditions and symbolic ritualism of medieval England.’
    • ‘The Protestant Reformation in England brought a rejection of some of the ritualism of the Roman Catholic Church.’
    • ‘The community believes in performing good deeds, which are more than worship, and good worship is a matter of the heart and not of formal ritualism.’
    • ‘He refused to be drawn into the ritualism which for many was the natural consequence of the Oxford movement, but supported the revival of Anglican monastic life, particularly for women.’
    1. 1.1 A traditional or fixed way of behaving.
      ‘Christmas shopping is steeped in consumer ritualism’
      • ‘Our ritualism lets each individual walk through everyday life with a shell of privacy and forbearance.’
      • ‘Many experiments have been conducted on the results of emotional stability from ritualism.’
      • ‘Ritualism is normal toddler behavior.’
      • ‘The Boxing Day sales tradition was "consumer ritualism at its best".’
      • ‘There may be ritualism behaviour which the subject feels compelled to carry out.’
      • ‘Ritualism could develop as a defence mechanism.’
      • ‘Ritualism ensues with an unchallenged insistence upon punctilious adherence to formalized procedures.’