Definition of ritual abuse in English:

ritual abuse

(also satanic abuse)


mass noun
  • The alleged sexual abuse or murder of people, especially children, supposedly committed as part of satanic rituals.

    • ‘Thousands of pounds worth of damages could be paid out to families who saw false allegations of ritual abuse made against them.’
    • ‘The satanic abuse witch trials of the 1990s resulted in dozens of innocent people being falsely accused of child abuse.’
    • ‘Extraordinary allegations of Satanic ritual abuse had been made and an extraordinary fight ensued to have the children returned and the families' names cleared.’
    • ‘In fact, the professional-medical establishment, despite it cultural openness to American academic and scientific influences, has presented a consistent attitude of denial, scepticism and reluctance to the claim of satanic abuse.’
    • ‘The shocking website was ‘further evidence of the extent of child abuse and exploitation published on the internet’, and had brought together Scotland Yard and the FBI in their concern over ritual satanic abuse.’
    • ‘Miss Thomas said they also receive a number of calls from women who have been subjected to satanic rape, ritual abuse and date rape.’
    • ‘The scandal resulted in several children being snatched from their homes and taken into care by social workers who wrongly believed that they had been the victims of satanic abuse.’
    • ‘I know two people who have recovered from ritual abuse.’
    • ‘For 13 years she has been consulting Dr Joan Coleman, who is convinced that Helen has been subjected to ritual satanic abuse, mental, physical and sexual, and that her conscious mind is repressing traumatic experiences.’