Definition of ritornello in English:


nounPlural ritornelli, Plural ritornellos

  • A short instrumental refrain or interlude in a vocal work.

    • ‘Pärt uses wind as well as strings, and separates the settings of the texts with instrumental ritornelli and interludes, which sometimes have a neoclassical feeling, not that far removed from Stravinsky.’
    • ‘Joseph and Adrian sing the third and fifth lines whilst the remaining four lines are instrumental, creating instrumental ritornelli around the vocal lines.’
    • ‘Thus, after just a handful of bars of ritornello, delivered at a breakneck speed, the soloist enters at, and insists upon, a much more sedate and measured tempo.’
    • ‘All begin with an orchestra ritornello before the entry of the solo instrument, and then branch out.’
    • ‘Where the ritornello makes way for the voice, the arranger of the Halifax score tends to support the vocal line by doubling, outlining the harmonies, or supplying simple countermelodies in the instrumental lines.’


Italian, diminutive of ritorno ‘return’.