Definition of riskiness in English:



  • See risky

    • ‘Fund managers, he said, have ‘become much more transparent in our approach because we recognize that investors need to know not only the style of investing, but the riskiness.’’
    • ‘But today, lenders can adjust the interest rates they charge borrowers according to the riskiness of the loan, so that they can make a profit by lending in the inner city.’
    • ‘She said the sheet of questions may serve to remind teenagers of the riskiness of some of their choices, although that's not its purpose.’
    • ‘Since the $1.5 billion due in 2002 is equal to the company's entire cash flow from operations in 2001, it raised red flags among the credit agencies that rate the riskiness of corporate debt.’
    • ‘Although the criteria for the different classifications are not strictly bound, it is important for investors to understand these terms, which are not only ubiquitous but also useful for gauging a company's size and riskiness.’