Definition of risk one's neck in English:

risk one's neck


  • Put one's life in danger.

    ‘I am not risking my neck for anyone’
    • ‘I risked my neck to save these peoples lives, and they were deserting me.’
    • ‘You risked your neck as much as we did tonight, and for two guys you'd never even met.’
    • ‘He only realizes what he has when she's risking her neck and showing she's a hell of a lot more adventurous and smart than he thought.’
    • ‘He risked his neck in speeding, overcrowded buses with bald tyres, he was shot at by bandits, robbed and spat at, obliged to sleep in malarial flop houses and insanitary trains and to wait interminably.’
    • ‘Now, since I risked my neck to come get you, you'd better come swimming.’
    • ‘A soldier risking his neck to keep the peace abroad should not have to worry about facing charges in a foreign court.’
    • ‘I risked my neck to try and get the book while he was busy hiding.’
    • ‘I do not know why I'm risking my neck and my position for this favor!’
    • ‘Following a period of mature reflection over Christmas, the man who said that the people of Ayr were his life and blood decided not to risk his neck by submitting himself for election before them.’
    • ‘Basically, why should I risk my neck for a few coins?’