Definition of risk-free in English:



  • Free from risk; safe.

    ‘a risk-free offer’
    ‘risk-free management practices’
    • ‘After twelve years and five albums the band are still churning out the same risk-free music.’
    • ‘I give a 100% risk-free guarantee on every job.’
    • ‘Almost no new technology can be assured to be risk-free.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there is a universal tendency to move towards a risk-free society.’
    • ‘There is no easy or risk-free course of action.’
    • ‘No environment will ever be completely safe and risk-free, and even well-supervised children manage to hurt themselves.’
    • ‘Very few effective treatments, even natural ones, are risk-free.’
    • ‘Paying off your mortgage is one of the best risk-free rates of return around.’
    • ‘Nothing in life is risk-free, not even its beginning.’
    • ‘A 5% dividend is comfortably above what you can earn in a risk-free savings account.’
    • ‘Order your subscription today for your risk-free four-week trial to the Financial Times.’
    • ‘Landing a guy on a moving aircraft carrier is not exactly a risk-free photo op.’
    secure, sound, low-risk, riskless, impregnable, unassailable, invulnerable
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