Definition of rising main in English:

rising main


  • 1A vertical pipe that rises from the ground to supply mains water to a building.

    1. 1.1 The vertical pipe of a water pump.
      • ‘This scheme will provide a proper pumping station and rising main to the treatment works and will eliminate the present unsatisfactory septic tank arrangement at the Quay.’
      • ‘The licence sought is for the purpose of constructing, laying and maintaining a 200 mm rising main, a 368 mm, water main, four 100 mm ducts and one 150 mm duct across the river bed.’
      • ‘Council officials said the problem has now been solved and the problem was the result of a break on the rising main from Caragh Lake to the Garrane Reservoir.’
      • ‘The rising main has been laid as far as the Railway Bridge.’
      • ‘This new development will also see, the replacing of the old septic tank in Crocketstown, with a new pumping station, which will discharge into the treatment works via a rising main under the River Moy.’
      • ‘Breaks on the rising main and pump problems have led to a chronic water supply shortage in the area during which homes in the area consistently have no water.’
      • ‘Last week repairs were carried out to a faulty pump at the Moor Farm pumping station, which drives waste along the rising main.’


rising main