Definition of rising in English:



  • 1Going up, increasing, or sloping upward:

    ‘the rising temperature’
    ‘rising ground’
    • ‘As the rate of rising sea level gradually slowed, rivers began to build deltas from retreating shorelines into the encroaching seas.’
    • ‘The rising waters can also displace poisonous snakes and make mosquito populations explode.’
    • ‘Alas, they're in serious trouble, threatened by everything from ship traffic to rising sea temperatures.’
    • ‘Mason was yelling louder than before now, he must have realized the danger of the rising water level as the river became more ferocious.’
    • ‘The rising sea level will only be partly offset by geological changes in the crust of the earth, which are pushing up parts of the island's land mass.’
    • ‘Both turned their attention back to the rising sun.’
    • ‘He raised the issue of climate change, including rising temperatures, as a result of the destruction of forests.’
    • ‘Panting, he placed his hand on his rising chest.’
    • ‘The bright rays of the rising sun filtered through a stained glass window at the room's far end, revealing the large amounts of dust which drifted about.’
    • ‘Her face was flushed from both the wine her and rising temper.’
    • ‘The French guy beside me has covered himself with a blanket to block out the rising sun.’
    • ‘However, already irritated by the heat, there is only rising tension between the people in the room, particularly between Tom and Jay.’
    • ‘Elea paused, shading her eyes against the rising sun.’
    • ‘Despite the rising temperature in the room, Nicholas's arm never left her waist as he guided her through the crowd of people.’
    • ‘Leaning both hands on the table, Olivia takes a deep breath to control her rising temper.’
    • ‘Desperate digging against the rising water level managed to salvage a tiny fraction of its priceless mosaics, now displayed in Gaziantep museum.’
    • ‘The costs associated with risk were stunningly apparent to the young girl, as curious people wandering out to the beach were swept away by the rising tide.’
    • ‘My army appeared upon the hill with the rising sun.’
    • ‘The soldier's gleaming sword shone in the rising sun.’
    1. 1.1 Advancing to maturity or high standing:
      ‘the rising generation of American writers’
      • ‘We need particularly to enhance our membership among the rising generation of members - those under age 40.’
      • ‘They seek to define the rising generation of artists, who, it is presumed, will shape the next chapter in contemporary art.’
      • ‘There's a rising generation of playwrights who have been very fortunate to teach and who are starting to have impact.’
    2. 1.2 Approaching (a specified age):
      ‘the rising fives on the verge of school’
      • ‘By this time, he was a budding boxer and a rising street icon, a ghetto celeb feared throughout Queens, in control of a crack house and the main drug-selling strip.’
      • ‘Enter Lutz, who, as vice president of new enterprises, had been pegged as a rising star at General Mills.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, the rising star's name seems to be attached to every comedy project in Hollywood involving a young woman.’
      • ‘Elizabeth was the new rising star in Hollywood.’
      • ‘And they've fielded their share of rising stars over the years.’
      • ‘It began freshman year of high school, and now, they are beginning their rising senior summer.’
      • ‘A lot of people see him as a real rising star, there.’
    3. 1.3Astrology (of a sign) ascendant.
  • 2Heraldry
    [postpositive] (of a bird) depicted with the wings open but not fully displayed, as if preparing for flight.


  • An armed protest against authority; a revolt:

    ‘the Warsaw rising of 1944’
    ‘the reforms led to peasant risings’
    • ‘In 1905 itself it was not so much the urban disorders as the peasant risings which most alarmed the government.’
    • ‘A combination of bad timing, bad weather, betrayal and confusion led to the defeat of the rising.’
    • ‘Jacobite risings took place in 1715 and 1745, though both were defeated.’
    • ‘In the spring of 1648 a series of uncoordinated risings heralded the second civil war.’
    • ‘Both risings were put down later in the summer, the royal forces being augmented by foreign mercenaries gathered for war against the Scots.’
    • ‘A famine in that year caused further risings by the peasants against the communists.’
    • ‘The risings were brutally suppressed, with massive military reinforcements from England’