Definition of rise to the occasion in English:

rise to the occasion


  • Perform better than usual in response to a special situation or event.

    ‘when it comes to the finals, they can rise to the occasion’
    • ‘The team rose to the occasion and responded magnificently.’
    • ‘Morrisons staff in Keighley are fired up about their store's latest improvement and hope customers will rise to the occasion.’
    • ‘Many teens will rise to the occasion by taking on responsibilities and providing support for other family members.’
    • ‘I also like the fact that he doesn't just rise to the occasion in certain events that suit his style.’
    • ‘Still this is a masterful performance by Andsnes who rises to the occasion quite wonderfully.’
    • ‘There is some fine virtuoso writing here too, and the performers certainly rise to the occasion.’
    • ‘As the event unfolded, Samuel rose to the occasion.’
    • ‘Along with the epic quality of the storytelling come performances that rise to the occasion.’
    • ‘Nadia rose to the occasion, performing almost flawlessly.’
    • ‘Australians who came into the game with a ‘must win’ situation rose to the occasion in fine style and outplayed the Kiwis.’