Definition of rise to the bait in English:

rise to the bait


  • React to a provocation or temptation exactly as intended.

    ‘Jenny was being provocatively rude, but he never rose to the bait’
    • ‘He almost rose to the bait when a financial journalist as much as accused him personally for being responsible for the overnight increase of the euro against the dollar.’
    • ‘He tried to provoke Mr Archer, who is in his 40s, into a street fight but he did not rise to the bait, even when he had turned away and was pushed in the back.’
    • ‘It's precisely because Beckham isn't rising to the bait that Luccin can afford to be so bold.’
    • ‘Boris rose to the bait, advertised his coming appearance in Hamlet, commissioned a translation, and starred in it, as promised.’
    • ‘If she refuses to rise to the bait and respond to the remark, she is taken to have tacitly admitted the truth of the accusation.’
    fight back, strike back, hit back, respond, react, reply, reciprocate, counterattack, return fire, return the compliment, put up a fight, take the bait, rise to the bait, return like for like, get back at someone, get, give tit for tat, give as good as one gets, let someone see how it feels, give someone a dose of their own medicine, give someone a taste of their own medicine
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