Definition of rise and shine in English:

rise and shine


  • usually in imperative Wake up and get out of bed promptly.

    • ‘Jessica stretched lazily while trying to convince her body that it was time to rise and shine.’
    • ‘Quite simply, the dreams we have at night set the stage for our actions the following day, priming us. to either rise and shine and conquer the world, or crawl back under the covers and duck the challenges that lie ahead.’
    • ‘‘Time to rise and shine,’ I said in my perkiest voice.’
    • ‘Tomorrow, rise and shine, because it's awards time.’
    • ‘We were expected to rise and shine at 6.30 in the morning.’
    • ‘Come on, Miss Hart, it's time to rise and shine!’
    • ‘And in London last weekend, at least one household reverberated to a chorus of, ‘It's time for us to rise and shine and have a fun day!’’
    • ‘Ok you: time to rise and shine and face the future.’
    • ‘But don't we all wish we were able to say that every day we rise and shine, full of vim and vigor, eager to get going with our tasks - after acing a full-fledged workout?’
    • ‘Time to rise and shine, so get up take a shower and breakfast will be ready when you are!’
    get up, get out of bed, rouse oneself, stir, bestir oneself, be up and about
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