Definition of rise (or emerge) from the ashes in English:

rise (or emerge) from the ashes


  • Be renewed after destruction.

    ‘the new Europe that has emerged from the ashes of the Second World War’
    • ‘You will rise from the ashes of your own destruction to become more powerful than ever before.’
    • ‘The company began to sell carpets and rugs direct to customers in the area from its factory shop after it rose from the ashes, and this aspect of the business has become just as important as the commercial side.’
    • ‘I suppose it would be a new beginning, rising from the ashes as they say.’
    • ‘He is rising from the ashes because of the lack of other options.’
    • ‘We have been given what is a rosy picture of a city rising from the ashes.’
    • ‘At times she looks like she is going to take off into the air like some phoenix rising from the ashes of her harsh life.’
    • ‘She's been trying to show herself as rising from the ashes.’
    • ‘It's an organization that rose from the ashes of World War II, a forum for solving conflicts and other global problems.’
    • ‘An upmarket Leeds restaurant which rose from the ashes of the ill-fated Teatro venture has now collapsed itself, only seven months after opening.’
    • ‘Rosshall Academy rose from the ashes of two crumbling secondary schools, one of the first examples of how private finance could breathe new life into state education.’
    • ‘Following the demise of the team, Zambia, with the assistance of several well-wishers, rose from the ashes to rebuild another team.’
    • ‘A new 32-room Clayton Grange rose from the ashes and retained parts of the original grey-stone walls from the original building.’
    • ‘Symbolically as the natural ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is the phoenix bird rising from the ashes of his own self destruction.’