Definition of riprap in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • Loose stone used to form a foundation for a breakwater or other structure.

    ‘the rock was used extensively for ballast and riprap’
    as modifier ‘a riprap breakwater’
    • ‘Both the pool and its protective lining of stone riprap must be properly sized.’
    • ‘The group launched a three-year study that aims to plant trees, stabilize stream banks with vegetation and riprap, and build sediment ponds.’
    • ‘The job, located in an established, upscale residential development, required reshaping 150 ft of the eroded banks of a creek and armoring the site with riprap.’
    • ‘Unchecked erosion also fills riprap channels with silt and reduces the storage capacity of detention ponds via sediment deposits.’
    • ‘He recycles the material as a replacement for riprap in lining drainage channels or protecting streambanks from erosion.’
    • ‘Can drainage ditches be stabilized against erosion by installing riprap or a rolled erosion control product immediately after they have been developed?’
    • ‘However, during installation of riprap or other bank stabilization projects any remaining trees or shrubs were usually removed, and there was little evidence of attempts to re-establish wood or shrub riparian vegetation.’
    • ‘The status quo conditions depend on the continued existence of riprap and seawalls, which in turn result in an unchanged distribution of beach conditions.’
    • ‘A rock and log structure was placed within the riprap and willow structures to improve instream habitat for fish.’
    • ‘Therefore, the texture of the bottoms of channels should be made rough with vegetation or riprap, and outlet structures should be properly designed with energy dissipaters.’
    • ‘Students should be prepared for the often hard and dirty work of manhandling nature - removing invasive plants, digging up drainage tile, placing riprap along streambeds.’


[with object]North American
  • Strengthen with riprap.

    ‘incentives to keep landowners from riprapping riverbanks’
    • ‘A creek near the back of the house was riprapped with large chunks of sidewalk that were jackhammered out’
    • ‘A large section of streambank was riprapped to prevent the landowner's septic system and 20 feet of severely slumping shoreline from washing into the brook.’


Mid 19th century: reduplication of rap.