Definition of ripple marks in English:

ripple marks

plural noun

  • A system of parallel wavy ridges and furrows left on sand, mud, or rock by the action of water or wind.

    • ‘Furthermore, to add to the evidence for catastrophic burial, the authors tell of fossil raindrops and ripple marks being found at the site.’
    • ‘The absence of symmetrical ripple marks indicates that the site of deposition was protected from wave action.’
    • ‘The land undulates with huge ripple marks, but the desert-like canyon walls of Dry Falls are all that now remains of the once, and briefly, impressive waterfall.’
    • ‘The second clue is that many of the rocks have very conspicuous ripple marks on, which at least at first glance resemble those we might find on a common day seashore.’
    • ‘The pattern of ripple marks and other features locked in southwestern Utah's sandstone indicates that the mineral grains had been blown in from those directions.’