Definition of ripple effect in English:

ripple effect


  • The continuing and spreading results of an event or action.

    ‘the ripple effect is huge when something like this happens’
    • ‘Also, the problem has become so widespread that it is having a ripple effect in other sectors of the economy.’
    • ‘Critical pedagogy should help students see how their lives are intertwined with the lives of others around them, how their choices are constructed by social context, and how their decisions have a ripple effect in society.’
    • ‘In addition to the devastating loss of life and the ripple effect on the families of the fallen, many businesses ceased operations due to their inability to execute a disaster recovery plan.’
    • ‘The second answer is that raising the minimum wage will have a ripple effect.’
    • ‘Fear of a demand slowdown sent a ripple effect through the market.’
    • ‘The buzz created by having visitors from other parts of the country and from overseas has had a ripple effect.’
    • ‘I've learned that stadium security has a ripple effect [on the rest of the community].’
    • ‘The bombing will also have a ripple effect on neighbouring countries.’
    • ‘In a ripple effect, delays and cancellations reached many other airports that never lost power.’
    • ‘However, because of the ripple effect, employers who do not pay the minimum wage still have a considerable stake in any changes to that wage.’
    • ‘Second, a ripple effect of the first issue is that a small percentage of employers are getting the students they want.’
    • ‘But California's rules could have a ripple effect across the country because other states could follow its lead.’
    • ‘And every time employees sign up for the benefits, it has a ripple effect on the community around them.’
    • ‘A breath of fresh air he certainly is and we can expect many and far-reaching changes to the museums of Cape Town and in all likelihood, the ripple effect of his influence to spread much wider.’
    • ‘Any investment we put into one youth has a ripple effect as they go out to reach thousands more.’
    • ‘Employee turnover has a ripple effect from the front line all the way back.’
    • ‘The economic ripple effect quickly spread, not only in terms of local spending and employment but also in the transportation of construction materials to Maxwell from other parts of the state.’
    • ‘It seemed as if there was a ripple effect spreading through the people I knew.’
    • ‘On the Internet, as on any connected system, security has a ripple effect.’
    • ‘The introduction of real, market-oriented banks in China would have a ripple effect.’


ripple effect