Definition of ripper in English:



  • 1A tool that is used to tear or break something.

    • ‘However, a seam ripper can work just as well if you follow this simple method: Insert the point of the ripper just inside the bar tack on one side of the buttonhole.’
    • ‘Have you ever started at one end of a buttonhole with your seam ripper, started to cut, and then slipped and cut through the stitches on the other end of the buttonhole?’
    • ‘Carefully use the seam ripper to cut the stitches to open the end of the underwire channeling and remove the underwire.’
    • ‘Seam rippers and thread nippers slip nicely into empty prescription pill containers or film canisters.’
    • ‘It was strong as can be, machine washable, and the patch was easily removed with a standard seam ripper.’
    • ‘To create the reversed pockets featured on the shorts, use a seam ripper to carefully remove the pockets from the jeans, cutting the stitching only and not the fabric.’
    • ‘Bring the point of the seam ripper up through the fabric in the center of the buttonhole and cut only to the center.’
    1. 1.1 A murderer who mutilates victims' bodies.
      • ‘Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire ripper, between 1975 and 1980 mutilated and killed thirteen women, and attempted to murder a further six because he thought God had told him to do so.’
      • ‘I mean maybe they didn't commit the jack the ripper killings but everything after that, they are guilty.’
  • 2Australian informal A thing that is particularly good.

    ‘a ripper of a gig’
    • ‘I've done a couple of rippers recently: for instance, there was Brisbane - Sydney - Middle East - Hong Kong - Istanbul - London, all in two weeks and playing in each place.’
    • ‘They had a ripper of a profits warning back in February, when it said early sales of its revolutionary laser eye surgery equipment would be held back by manufacturing problems and regulatory delays.’
    • ‘However I can guarantee there are some absolute rippers this year, but I don't want to spoil the proper announcements.’
    1. 2.1 A good snowboarder.


  • Particularly good; excellent.

    ‘everyone had a ripper time’
    ‘this record still sounds ripper’
    • ‘But everything of mine seems so tacky (trouser wise) but luckily, I found a ripper pair in the shop which are simply perfect.’
    • ‘They wrote this ripper little film and acted in it and shot it and it was hilariously funny.’