Definition of ripped in English:



  • 1(of clothes or fabric) badly torn.

    ‘a pair of faded, ripped jeans’
    • ‘The couple - who are dressed in tastefully ripped shirts, combat boots and matching hairstyles - are an aesthetic touch against the autumn-hued campus, a benign image of young love.’
    • ‘29-year-old David drew criticism for his ripped jeans and scuffed boots which he wore with an open-necked shirt and dinner jacket.’
    • ‘Listen closely, though, and you'll hear a history of American popular music, dressed down in ripped denim and wrinkled leather, and crooned in a thick Queens accent.’
    • ‘Images of Brando in character now are emblems for the era he dominated: Stanley Kowalski with his ripped t-shirt and pent-up rage; Terry Malloy, making a defiant stand against the mob on the waterfront; Johnny the Biker in "The Wild One," sneering at all authority.’
    • ‘His tall, lanky body was clad in ripped jeans, a white T-shirt, and a leather jacket.’
    • ‘They crashed into a cemetery off the end of the field and the plane was destroyed but no one was hurt - just some ripped pants.’
    • ‘Her disheveled landlord in a ripped robe comes to collect the rent.’
    • ‘She is generally decked out in her "Chainsaw Sally" costume: a seeming thrift-store explosion of feather boas, ripped and multicolored stockings, denim and bustier.’
    • ‘From a distance the pavilion resembles a giant fragment of ripped lace or a superscale cobweb.’
    • ‘The heroic farmers of Courbet and Millet lurk behind South African Zwelcthu Mthethwa's portrait of an African field-worker in sackcloth shirt and ripped pants, a machete at his side, his face deeply shadowed by a hat.’
    • ‘Pumping up his latest project at the Toronto International Film Festival, he's wearing worn Levi's, a ripped shirt, tube socks with blue and yellow stripes and torn up runners.’
    • ‘Here she mainly rolls her eyes in sorrow and gazes longingly at Fairbanks, a pretty sight himself in a ripped, muscle-exposing blouse and thigh-hugging culottes.’
    • ‘The driver was left with a ripped shirt and in shock after the incident but was otherwise unhurt.’
    • ‘I was into the whole doom and gloom thing; it's what I call my "ripped jeans and Nine Inch Nails" phase.’
    • ‘Her beautiful dress was ripped and torn in a few places.’
    • ‘He had on a battered-up red shirt and ripped blue pants (kind of out of style).’
    • ‘Mya tightened her grip on her ripped sweater, swallowing hard.’
    • ‘Her dress that day was typical: a derelict work jacket, a pair of pants with one leg ripped from hip to cuff, a too-large pair of overshoes with holes that showed her bare feet, a rag tied around her head.’
    • ‘He was wearing ripped jeans which were about three sizes too big for him.’
    • ‘Nightflame, for example, features an extravagantly rundown apartment - an infernal oil refinery visible through three windows - in which a meditative black woman stands wearing a ripped ball gown and a belt of barbed wire around her hips.’
  • 2informal Under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

    ‘at the dress rehearsal, he was so ripped he couldn't stand upright’
    • ‘Before getting mad ripped last night I hadn't smoked in a couple months actually.’
    • ‘Dave told Min once he'd been ripped on LSD and put the top of a hamburger bun on in place of a distributor cap.’
    • ‘How is it possible to have anything like a conversation when Ian's ripped and his eyes glow with daft, chemical enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Mike and Buddy take a cash advance and go into town to get ripped.’
    • ‘The age-integrated nature of drinking is a major factor in European safety; it is harder to get ripped when the wife and kids are along.’
    • ‘One of my friends got really ripped last weekend at a bar.’
    • ‘He slouched in the back row and got systematically ripped.’
    • ‘We usually stuck to Mad Dog 20 / 20 or Thunderbird when we wanted to get ripped.’
    • ‘We used to go to drive-in movies on Friday night and get completely ripped on beer.’
    • ‘'I don't remember that,' I confessed. 'Well, you were pretty ripped,' Diana said.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
    intoxicated, inebriated, on drugs, drugged, stupefied, befuddled, delirious, hallucinating
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  • 3informal Having well-defined or well-developed muscles; muscular.

    ‘through his slightly-too-tight shirt you could see he was ripped’
    ‘they're going to the gym daily to get buff pecs, ripped abs, and tight buns’
    • ‘These ripped ladies will take you through a variety of exercises, some obviously more high-impact that others, but all geared toward a more holistic toning of the body.’
    • ‘It allows you to stick to the perfect low-carb diet you need to get ripped while also putting on muscle.’
    • ‘There's no reason for you to overtrain in pursuit of ripped abs.’
    • ‘His abdominals were ripped to bodybuilding standards and his weight dropped down to around 11 stone (154 pounds).’
    • ‘He was Hawaiian and Filipino with long hair and hella tattoos and he was all ripped, you know, super buff.’
    • ‘They discover some pirate treasure at the bottom of the ocean, while looking ripped, tanned and clad in the skimpiest of skimpy clothes.’
    • ‘I still can't believe that this is the film for which he won his Oscar, a film in which most of his acting is him fighting people and tigers and showing his ripped muscles.’
    • ‘Trying to get ripped for a contest?’
    • ‘He was more ripped during the first season.’
    • ‘Now, if you like your cake more on the beef than cheese side, then step right up and relish the ripped torsos and tight tushies of the men.’
    • ‘This plan, along with the chest-training section from Part 1, will help you craft the appearance of a narrow waist, even if you don't have those ripped abs quite yet.’
    • ‘He's really a ripped guy; his arms were showing.’
    • ‘The results - a ripped 290-pound frame and gigantic arms - speak for themselves.’
    • ‘And my, is he big, not so much tall as he is ripped.’
    • ‘The point is that punching power, physical strength, and huge ripped muscles are not related.’
    • ‘The dude is more ripped than we've ever seen him.’
    • ‘He is not as big as some of the other athletes, but he is ripped.’
    • ‘Here's your front-row ticket to the workout designed to get you ripped - if you can handle it.’
    • ‘Keep your efforts consistent and try to stay focused on your goal of becoming the number-one contender in the fight to get ripped.’
    • ‘He's blond, middle-aged, and muscular, wearing a tank top over his ripped torso.’
    strong, brawny, muscly, sinewy, well built, powerfully built, well muscled, burly, strapping, sturdy, rugged, powerful, broad-shouldered, athletic, well knit, muscle-bound, herculean, manly
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