Definition of rip something up in English:

rip something up

phrasal verb

  • Tear something violently into small pieces so as to destroy it.

    ‘he ripped up her pile of old letters’
    • ‘Council spokeswoman Hellen Barnes said all presiding officers had written instructions to destroy any cards that were left at the polling station by ripping them up and putting them in the black rubbish sacks provided.’
    • ‘They would have taken our signs and ripped them up again this year if the police hadn't been there.’
    • ‘‘I got all his clothes and ripped them up and flung them into the street,’ she says.’
    • ‘One in ten Brits admit to simply throwing financial documents in their bin without shredding or even ripping them up, putting themselves at serious risk from ‘bin-raiding’ fraudsters.’
    • ‘So I ripped it up and threw the pieces into the river.’
    • ‘I also found that one of my magazines was missing and several newspapers were ripped up.’
    • ‘But, I've seen people I know put utility bills, or worse, bank or credit card statements, or receipts, in the bin without even ripping them up, so many times.’
    • ‘‘There has been a bit of give and take by all three parties and now the old contract has been ripped up and there is a new one in its place,’ he says.’
    • ‘A newsagent mistakenly told them that their ticket was not a winner and the ticket was ripped up before the shop worker's error was discovered.’
    • ‘If a potential employer mentioned to me that my work strongly resembled another designer's, I would rip the piece up right in front of them.’
    • ‘I've been voting for him ever since he came on the scene and I've been a Labour Party member all my life, but I've ripped my card up and posted it back to Mr Blair.’
    • ‘The right side of the Apache resembled a piece of meat after a lion had ripped it up.’
    • ‘The cops took sheets, ripped them up and blindfolded us, threw us into a van, and took us to a holding cell.’
    • ‘Furious protesters from the genuine rally had attempted to grab the placards and rip them up, insisting it was not time for jokes.’
    • ‘I looked at it for quite awhile then I ripped it up and started crying even more.’
    • ‘Digging around in the bottom drawer where Mother kept rags, he ripped a couple up and constructed a tail, just in case it should prove necessary.’
    • ‘She opened the journal as she screamed and started to tear out the pages and rip them up.’
    • ‘I ripped it up and put it in the trash bin at school.’
    • ‘I snatched the piece of paper back and ripped it up quickly but not before she knew what it was.’
    • ‘She pulled down the injunctions and ripped them up in a frenzy of anger and joy.’
    tear, slit, cut, gash, cleave, slash, claw, savage, mangle, mutilate, hack
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