Definition of rip someone off in English:

rip someone off

phrasal verb

  • Cheat someone, especially financially.

    ‘she thought he was ripping her off over her royalties’
    • ‘Whatever you do, don't seek to change a booking because you will be ripped off.’
    • ‘Is your credit card company or your banker or your broker ripping you off?’
    • ‘Overall, the inflation figures confirm that the Government is ripping us off.’
    • ‘They said they were going to help me but instead they ripped me off, shut down the company and sold off the products.’
    • ‘Well first the Federal Government should stop ripping us off with surpluses that see spending power just disappear from the economy into their accounting books.’
    • ‘Who else would go with us to stop Swiss Tony and his mates from ripping us off down at the used car showroom?’
    • ‘‘The supermarkets have got to be ripping us off,’ he said.’
    • ‘The rugby fans after Ireland's Triple Crown victory in Dublin were ripped off by the pubs who charged exorbitant prices for drink over the weekend.’
    • ‘He had an abiding distrust of people in suits since his early days in the music industry, when he took it for granted that promoters were only interested in ripping him off.’
    • ‘When we found out he had ripped us off, we couldn't believe he had done it.’
    • ‘‘I got fed up with expensive hotels ripping me off,’ Beecham says.’
    • ‘It's not possible to get rich quick in the space of time that they're talking about, and do it without cheating or ripping somebody off.’
    • ‘Maybe the military purchaser doesn't know what an electrical bell costs, but the corporate contractor sure does, and that contractor is intentionally ripping us off by adding a 1400 percent markup.’
    • ‘It's like the corporations are saying, ‘Yeah, we're clearly ripping you off, but you have no choice but to accept it.’’
    • ‘I later found that the young woman had ripped me off to the tune of £5 for the latter, crediting the card with £5 but charging me £10.’
    • ‘You also don't really sound like the bitter musician who feels like the record companies have ripped you off.’
    • ‘When I was in India, a carpet salesman ripped me off.’
    • ‘Post-Christmas sales only prove just how much you were ripped off in the Pre-Christmas hurley-burley.’
    • ‘The other night, a friend in my building told me that she was ripped off by the restaurant across the street.’
    • ‘I used to be furious at them because they kind of ripped us off financially too, but what can I say?’
    swindle, fleece, cheat, defraud, deceive, trick, dupe, hoodwink, double-cross, gull
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