Definition of Ringer's solution in English:

Ringer's solution


mass nounBiology
  • A physiological saline solution that typically contains, in addition to sodium chloride, salts of potassium and calcium.

    • ‘The cyst is first drained and then irrigated with normal saline or lactated Ringer's solution approximately 12 hours later.’
    • ‘The standard salt solution, Ringer's solution, was developed at least 50 years ago to treat diarrhea.’
    • ‘The second layer is composed of non-cotton-filled gauze soaked in normal saline or Ringer's solution.’
    • ‘In addition, his primary physician and surgeon have decided that he will receive lactated Ringer's solution with glucose and regular insulin.’
    • ‘The nurse placed an IV catheter in her left forearm and started an infusion of lactated Ringer's solution.’


Late 19th century: named after Sydney Ringer (1834–1910), English physician.