Definition of Ringatu in English:



mass noun
  • 1A Maori religious movement based on Christianity. It was founded by the Maori leader Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki (c.1832–93) in 1867.

    ‘we need to cater for spiritual beliefs that include the likes of Ringatu’
    • ‘In Ringatu female leaders existed both formally and informally.’
    • ‘They oppose other traditions and faiths such as Ringatu and Ratana.’
    • ‘Ringatu was an attempt to bring spiritual order into a chaotic world in which traditional values had no place.’
    • ‘Ringatu, established in the eighteen-sixties by Te Kooti, had 5,507 adherents.’
    • ‘Ringatu began to have an impact in the south Waikato.’
    1. 1.1count noun A member of the Ringatu religion or church.
      ‘although I am not a Ringatu myself, my children are’
      • ‘The Ringatus believe that the house of God is within man at all times.’
      • ‘She was a Ringatu and had been in her teens when Te Kooti established the church.’
      • ‘The Ringatus were determined to make converts of us all.’
      • ‘My grandmother was a Ringatu and a great faith healer.’
      • ‘There is one family in which the father is a Ringatu, the mother an Anglican, and some of the children Presbyterian.’


  • Relating to the Ringatu religion or church.

    ‘a minister of the Ringatu faith’
    • ‘We can easily visualise the Ringatu captive kneading her kete of pikopiko there in the pool, watched by Mair on the opposite bank.’
    • ‘The vitality of Ringatu worship at this time was familiar to Ngata and his Young Maori companions.’
    • ‘A Ringatu priest made his mihi and murmured his karakia as officials from local government and others stood by.’
    • ‘An Anglican church was built but was taken over by Ringatu worshippers.’
    • ‘One episode profiles Te Kooti Arikirangi, founder of the Ringatu faith, and resistance leader who spent time on the run from colonial forces in the Urewera.’


Early 20th century: from Maori ringa ‘hands’ and tu ‘raised up’.