Definition of ring-necked in English:



  • Used in names of birds and reptiles with a band or bands of colour round the neck, e.g. ring-necked parakeet.

    • ‘From time to time, the pond has hosted the locally rare redhead, a member of the group to which scaup, the canvasback and ring-necked duck belong.’
    • ‘The vividly coloured birds, thought to be ring-necked parakeets, have made their home in the Surrey outpost after originally being brought to the UK as pets from the Indian sub-continent.’
    • ‘Earlier this year it was forecast that the ring-necked parakeet population could surge to more than 100000 now that the bird has become firmly established in southeast England.’
    • ‘The bird, a lovely white-and-brown speckled ring-necked dove, dozed off from the comfortable heat of the room as she wrote her letter.’
    • ‘According to Jeffery sightings of brightly coloured and noisy birds roosting are the UK's only naturalised parrot the ring-necked parakeet.’
    • ‘A heron flew over, followed by two ring-necked parakeets.’
    • ‘The pomegranates are ripe now and the local ring-necked parrots are flocking to the tree.’
    • ‘The four-year study focused on the rose-ringed, or ring-necked, parakeet, a type of parrot.’
    • ‘You know the state bird of South Dakota is the Chinese ring-necked pheasant.’
    • ‘Waterfowl, most of whom migrate to the Taiga Plains in spring and summer, include the red-throated loon, ring-necked duck, greater scaup, canvasback, and all manner of other ducks, geese and swans.’
    • ‘We have the ring-necked pheasant, an import from China.’