Definition of rikishi in English:



  • A sumo wrestler.

    • ‘Koshikudake is called when a rikishi loses balance for some reason, and falls to the dohyo.’
    • ‘On TV Japan we get a lot more shots of many different rikishi doing shiko.’
    • ‘In other bouts, the rikishi may grapple in an attempt to get a good grip on the mawashi and then launch a throw.’
    • ‘Many rikishi have lost their impending contest because they were thinking about their bout the next day.’
    • ‘The remaining 25,000 yen is set aside in a fund to help the rikishi pay his taxes at the end of the fiscal year.’
    • ‘Kyokushuzan was once one of my favorite rikishi, but now he fights like he is afraid of everybody.’
    • ‘A rikishi who is ranked in one of the top two divisions of Sumo, are being paid a salary.’


Japanese, from riki ‘strength’ + shi ‘warrior’.