Definition of rightmost in English:



  • attributive Situated furthest to the right.

    • ‘For the linear model of Equation 1, the expected mean squares are listed in the rightmost column of Table 1.’
    • ‘The two rightmost columns in the original table are replaced by three columns in the corrected table.’
    • ‘The rightmost lane in each case is the final, completely spliced product: No cassette exons that might be associated with the recursive splice sites were detected at any stage.’
    • ‘The results presented in Table 3 are calculated similarly to those in the rightmost columns of Table 2, except that no limitation has been placed on annual SIPP payments.’
    • ‘Notice how the rightmost angle of the formation also resembles the apex of a symmetrical triangle pattern and is suggestive of a breakout.’
    • ‘The rightmost column in any self-respecting periodic table should certainly be the noble gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon, Ununoctium).’
    • ‘Mutants were divided into six complementation classes, A - F, as indicated in the rightmost column.’
    • ‘However, once you start pulling data from external memory, as in the rightmost 2 columns, the weak point of the VIA chipset becomes apparent.’
    • ‘Mean proportions for both states during testing are shown on the two rightmost columns.’
    • ‘There is nowhere other than the far right slot to put the USB 2.0 connectors, and the audio and Firewire ports cannot be moved to the rightmost slot.’
    • ‘In the rightmost panel, protein P has lost one interaction and gained a new interaction partner, whereas protein P * has lost two interactions.’
    • ‘The rightmost animal (E P / E P) is white with black spots; this is similar to the phenotype observed in Pietrain pigs (not shown).’
    • ‘The two leftmost parts show the main effects of QTL on chromosomes 4 and 11 and the rightmost part shows their joint effect.’
    • ‘The black shading of the rightmost and leftmost bars indicate the number of splits with support values of exactly 0 or 1, that is, outside the range of the parametric bootstrap.’
    • ‘The genes in the genetic map between the leftmost gene and the rightmost gene deleted by each deficiency (confirmed by complementation tests) were regarded as those deleted by the deficiency.’
    • ‘On the penny, the letters ‘KG’ appear below the rightmost maple leaf.’
    • ‘The argument rather is that you can't fight the victory of the rightmost forces by sacrificing your own independent strength to support elements just the next step away from them.’
    • ‘This chart shows the relationships in the rightmost column of the previous table.’
    • ‘When a photo without the flash (but a light source directly in front) is taken, the cover tends to blend in better with the finish of the case, as shown in the rightmost photo.’
    • ‘This game involves 3 poles, and a number of rings with holes in the middle, of differing sizes, with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top, all on the rightmost pole.’