Definition of rightist in English:



  • A person who supports the political views or policies of the right.

    ‘a national hero of the rightists’
    • ‘They had already been in direct violation of the amendment, which prohibited aid to the rightists.’
    • ‘The network's ranting rightist 'let go' after he broke the no-homophobia vow.’
    • ‘He's one of those beleaguered rightists who band together for mutual aid and comfort in hostile, leftie Hollywood.’
    • ‘Although his intent behind using these words was ironic, rightists threatened him with legal action.’
    • ‘We have to put up with the oddity of independent leftists and failed rightists masquerading as clean and competent political players.’
    • ‘It opens up the possibility that some grand coalition of socialists and rightists might wield political power there.’
    • ‘Whether they are rightists or leftists, political entrepreneurs find commitment to an established ideological institution extremely cumbersome.’
    • ‘He embittered by his dismissal in 1906 and was not averse to consorting with the rightists if that would improve his chances.’
    • ‘The political struggle between communists, neutralists, and rightists continued.’
    • ‘Rightists saw liberalism, conservatism, and socialism as degenerate, and presented their radical nationalism as the only way to purify their nations.’


  • Supporting or relating to the political views or policies of the right.

    ‘the last elections resulted in a rightist majority’
    • ‘His two finest henchmen were in prison, and he had started a killing feud with some extremely dangerous rightist groups.’
    • ‘It was one of the few years in recent US history that saw a decline in rightist tyranny.’
    • ‘For all his rightist political involvement, he was fundamentally a great artist and musician of progressive aspects.’
    • ‘Rather than acting as the conveyer of constructive criticism, it became the voice of naysaying, rightist extremists.’
    • ‘The majority of Britain's traditionally Tory newspapers have fallen behind the younger and more rightist candidate.’
    • ‘When the rightist government came in, it decided to abolish this federal position altogether.’
    • ‘He identifies himself as a supporter of the rightist party, which now holds 12 seats in the local parliament.’
    • ‘Their "politically leftist but economically rightist" stand has resulted in their ambivalence toward media reform.’
    • ‘The phenomenon is even more noticeable when you look at the rightist and libertarian attack blogs.’
    • ‘With the rightist military takeover, all ideas of tax reform were abandoned.’