Definition of rightism in English:



mass noun
  • The political views or policies of the right.

    ‘conservatism or rightism is an ideology that carries with it certain values’
    • ‘Yet, this is so much more than a simple bout of radical rightism in American foreign policy.’
    • ‘What Americans saw as exotic Islamist ‘fundamentalism’ in Iran concealed a kaleidoscopic brew of leftism, rightism, populism, nationalism, utopianism, messianism, fascism, and not least, gangsterism.’
    • ‘Radical rightism remained within the Republican party with Newt Gringrich's Contract With America campaign of 1994, and with Pat Buchanan's campaigns for the party's nomination in 1992 and 1996.’
    • ‘Centrist rightism is not much different from centrist leftism, as we see from the kinship between Blair and the Aznar government in Madrid.’
    • ‘To be honest, I usually pack in after about three clicks, despairing at the yah-boo sucks approach and infantile rightism of so many of them.’
    • ‘They can accept that conservatism or rightism is an ideology that carries with it certain values and opinions, beliefs about the past, goals for the future.’
    • ‘William Kintner, a 25-year ASC veteran who left the CIA after 11 years as a planning officer and joined IAS in 1961, attacked the critics of extreme rightism in the, May, 1962.’