Definition of righten in English:



[with object]archaic
  • Make (something) right, correct, or straight.

    ‘thy stubborn mind will not be rightened’
    • ‘Cialikate and the man shared one last passionate, lusty kiss and a few more rounds of groping hands before pulling apart and rightening their clothing.’
    • ‘Finally we pulled away, and took a moment to regain our breathing and righten our clothes where our hands had done more than a little exploration.’
    • ‘With one last punch to Dade's stomach, Damian rightened himself up and left Dade groaning in the sand.’
    • ‘Will I actually fork out the spondulicks and righten the karmic balance?’
    • ‘A quick punch below the camera made the picture on the television lurch, and the strange figure quickly grabbed the camera lens, rightening it to show a picture-perfect display of his face.’