Definition of right wing in English:

right wing


  • 1The conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.

    ‘a candidate from the right wing of the party’
    • ‘The real reason, of course, was the opposition from the radical right wing of the Republican Party.’
    • ‘The right wing of the Republican Party overreached themselves on that one but they are better prepared this time around.’
    • ‘The working people must build their own political party to defeat the intrigues of the right wing and defend their basic rights.’
    • ‘The book is innovative and does much to explain the development of a radical right wing in Polish political life during the twentieth century.’
    • ‘The political coup by the radical right wing has already begun to provoke a political response from below.’
    • ‘Both are conservative politicians with roots in the right wing of the Solidarity movement.’
    • ‘As a Social Democrat firmly situated on the right wing of the party, he pushed ahead with the expansion and restructuring of the army.’
    • ‘In fact, the right wing in the Liberal Party is based around former student politicians.’
    • ‘His move to a constitutional amendment demonstrates that when the going gets tough, he caves to the right wing of his party.’
    • ‘Speaking this week to the Democratic Leadership Council's annual conference, Clinton presented herself as a centrist capable of uniting the left and right wings of the Democratic party.’
    • ‘Its politics are essentially those of people like Norman Tebbit on the right wing of the Tory party.’
    • ‘On the domestic side, however, he seems to have placated the right wing of the Republican Party.’
    • ‘This Republican right wing wields political power far beyond its popular support.’
    • ‘In 1982 important sections of the right wing went from Labour to form the Social Democratic Party.’
    • ‘The right wing of the Conservative Party is unwilling to enter Europe, and the symptoms have spread to Hearts.’
    • ‘Laurent Fabius, from the right wing of the Socialist Party, argued in a similar fashion in his stand against the constitution.’
    • ‘Voves stands on the right wing of the social democrats, having entered politics as a novice from the business world.’
    • ‘She tried thereby to take the wind from the sails of Roland Koch, the representative of the right wing of the party.’
    • ‘And on the other hand by making a moral issue of it she is virtually playing into the hands of the right wing and other reactionary elements!’
    • ‘Although he was on the right wing of the party, he did not leave it in 1981 when others did.’
  • 2The right side of a team on the field in soccer, rugby, and field hockey.

    ‘he reverted to his normal position on the right wing’
    • ‘The referee awards Ukraine a free-kick out on the right wing.’
    • ‘Ah, I speak too soon; Cole gifts the ball to Tofting on the right wing, although his deep cross is a waste of everyone's time.’
    • ‘Rommedahl takes on Sarr down the right wing but loses the ball.’
    • ‘Out on the right wing, Stuttgart win a free-kick on the edge of the Rangers box.’
    • ‘The position on the right wing where he had played all his life, and where he excelled, was already occupied by former world player of the year Luis Figo.’
    • ‘Great ball from Zambrotta, whose long pass down the right wing is volleyed ridiculously high and wide by Iaquinta.’
    • ‘Sergio squeezes a ball down the right wing towards Valeron.’
    • ‘It was a needlessly conceded free-kick out on the right wing, and as it was sent in across the edge of the six-yard box, the Milan players were queuing up to nod it home.’
    • ‘Ryan Casey put Galway ahead after just five minutes when his free kick from the right wing deceived Declan Kilkelly in the Mayo goal.’
    • ‘I'm a centre midfielder but sometimes I played on the right wing or left wing for Blackburn.’
    • ‘Derlei attacks down the right wing and wins a corner for Porto.’
    • ‘Thierry Henry takes on and beats Sergio down the right wing.’
    • ‘Karel Poborsky drives the ensuing free-kick from the right wing across the edge of the Greek six yard box.’
    • ‘A high ball was launched into the goalmouth from the right wing.’
    • ‘Solano lofts a peach of a pass up the right wing for Dyer.’
    • ‘Sweden's Mattias Jonson does well to get in a good cross from the right wing, but it's too high for Freddie Ljungberg to get his head to.’
    • ‘Alessandro Costacurta crosses from the right wing, but Francesco Toldo plucks the ball safely from the air.’
    • ‘Unmarked in the box, Aruna slots home a low cross from Wilhelmsson, who sauntered down the right wing unchallenged.’
    • ‘They enjoy a spate of possession down the right wing starring an amazing cameo from Mills and his absurd mix of skilful jinks and hopeless close control.’
    • ‘Portugal win a free-kick on the right wing which is lobbed straight into Nikopolidis's air-space.’
    1. 2.1 The right side of an army.
      ‘at Austerlitz in 1805 he commanded the right wing of the Allied army’
      • ‘The mission of the centre armies, south-east of Metz, was to support the right wing by fixing as many French forces in Lorraine as possible.’
      • ‘In addition, military planners weakened the right wing by flirting with a double-wing envelopment.’
      • ‘He ordered his archers to ready their bows as the right wing of the Chin army came within range.’
      • ‘Only the right wing of the Hanoverian army, led by Maj Gen Huske and Brig Cholmondley, held.’
      • ‘That created a favorable situation for a counterattack by the right wing of the Central Front.’


  • Conservative or reactionary.

    ‘a right-wing Republican senator’
    • ‘One thing I worry about, though, is the increased support for the right wing parties like the BNP.’
    • ‘It is a centre for right-wing elements particularly prone to acts of violence.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago it was right-wing governments who took on and defeated the trade unions.’
    • ‘This happened at a time when the right wing parties and large parts of the media were promoting a change of government.’
    • ‘Civil servants must not be members of extreme left or right wing political parties - though they can be members of mainstream parties.’
    • ‘Charles Kennedy is the latest liberal to be lynched by the right-wing press.’
    • ‘But it won't stop fuelling the witch-hunt against refugees which the right wing press and Tories eagerly join.’
    • ‘At the time of the Bologna Bombing, the CIA was anxious to ‘support right wing parties’ in Italy.’
    • ‘It has lied and lied again in the service of the most right-wing and authoritarian forces.’
    • ‘You could say the same about being raised religious, or right-wing, or paranoid about getting fat.’
    • ‘It plays into the hands of racist and right-wing forces who want to divide and weaken the working class.’
    • ‘This only succeeded in strengthening the right wing parties by shifting the political debate onto their territory.’
    • ‘Is it possible that the brain of a radical right wing conservative and that of a radical left wing liberal are so different that they can never see eye to eye?’
    • ‘Why do right-wing newspapers always like me so much more than left-wing ones?’
    • ‘The neo-liberal constitution was supported by the leadership of the Socialist Party and the right wing government.’
    • ‘The Conservative Party and the right wing tabloid press, led by the Sun, were overjoyed at the appeal court's decision.’
    • ‘Not that long ago, the right wing press and the Conservative party would have united in outrage at allowing the sale of a morning after pill to teenagers.’
    • ‘No other country possesses so many laws against right-wing extremism as Germany.’
    • ‘It was an attempt by a weakened government to placate right-wing critics in Britain.’
    • ‘A grand coalition will clearly be more right-wing than either of these governments.’
    conservative, rightist, ultra-conservative, alt-right
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