Definition of right whale in English:

right whale


  • A baleen whale with a large head and a deeply curved jaw, of Arctic and temperate waters.

    Family Balaenidae: two genera and three species, in particular Balaena glacialis, which has distinctive patches of callosities on the snout. See also bowhead

    • ‘They also show evidence that humans used harpoons, floats and lines to catch their prey, which included sperm whales, right whales and humpbacks.’
    • ‘Bowheads, also known as Greenland right whales, are baleen whales, meaning that instead of teeth they have bonelike plates that they use to strain food from gulps of water.’
    • ‘Except for North Atlantic right whales and southern blue whales, most stocks seem to be increasing.’
    • ‘Sperm, humpback and southern right whales swim through the waters of the Cook Islands from about July through to November each year.’
    • ‘Dusky dolphins, for example, are famous for spending large amounts of time with right whales and pilot whales, while bottlenose dolphins seem to enjoy the company of humpback whales.’