Definition of right side in English:

right side


  • 1The side or region that lies immediately to the right of a person or other object of reference.

  • 2Specifically. The right-hand side regarded as a position of favour. Chiefly in religious contexts.

  • 3The right-hand side of the whole or a part of the body of a person or animal, or other object of reference.

  • 4That side or face of something (frequently fabric) which is regarded as the principal, or is usually turned towards the observer or positioned so as to be the first or most clearly seen; the top, surface, or upper side.

  • 5The party, principle, cause, or opinion of which one approves or regards as in the right.

  • 6The safe, advantageous, appropriate, or desirable side of something.

  • 7Specifically. The younger side of a specified age.


  • to know the right side of a shilling

    • British regional. : to know the value of money.

  • right side up

    • (also ): with the principal side uppermost; in the correct position; in the proper manner; (as adjective phrase) upright, positioned correctly.


Middle English; earliest use found in Vices and Virtues. From right + side.


right side

/rʌɪt ˈsʌɪd/