Definition of right off the bat in English:

right off the bat


North American
  • At the very beginning; straight away.

    ‘I managed to have a disagreement with him right off the bat’
    • ‘These kids were raised on e-mail, and you'll lose them right off the bat if they can't apply online.’
    • ‘Pretty much, families will give you that indication right off the bat.’
    • ‘I feel like if I was being set up, he would probably have just handed me the information right off the bat.’
    • ‘And maybe he did, in which case he should be taking responsibility for it, right off the bat.’
    • ‘The requirement to write HTML would probably exclude most people right off the bat.’
    • ‘She didn't call him right off the bat, she drove around for a little while, contemplating whether she wanted to or not.’
    • ‘I'm not just gonna take them straight to the best spots right off the bat.’
    • ‘They believe that they are somehow entitled to a certain level of respect right off the bat just because they are athletes.’
    • ‘I don't know exactly how many, but I can think right off the bat about three or more.’
    • ‘Well, let me say right off the bat that I am pretty impressed.’
    • ‘I'll tell you this right off the bat: I liked it, and it held up well under repeated viewings.’
    • ‘There was, admittedly, a vague sense of familiarity there, but nothing she could recall right off the bat.’
    • ‘You just can't expect them to have a major impact right off the bat.’
    • ‘I suppose that I should say right off the bat that I'm probably not the target audience for this movie.’
    • ‘I know this is a scam right off the bat, because I'm not anyone's employee.’
    • ‘He just comes out with it right off the bat and lets you know what the truth is.’
    • ‘Installation is straightforward, and right off the bat, you got your options on how to setup the graphics.’
    • ‘‘It's too good of a question for me to answer right off the bat,’ he says.’
    • ‘Companies often don't ‘know the full scope of the problem right off the bat,’ he says.’
    • ‘If you're an unknown act on a tiny label releasing your first album, you might want to make a strong impression right off the bat.’