Definition of right of centre in English:

right of centre

(US right of center)


  • Having views that are between the centre and the right in politics.

    ‘she has ruled out a deal between the two right-of-centre parties’
    • ‘The right-of-centre government had been defeated.’
    • ‘The new right-of-centre government has accused its predecessor of leaving state finances in disarray.’
    • ‘They have preserved their position as the biggest right-of-centre political force.’
    • ‘The country's right-of-centre parties are caught up in a bitter rivalry.’
    • ‘How did such nonsense ever come to be published in such a decent right-of-centre newspaper?’
    • ‘Despite faring badly in the polls, the ruling right-of-centre coalition will ask parliament to cut the budget.’
    • ‘We would both be considered right-of-centre by most Indians.’
    • ‘Arguably, they are the only really right-of-centre party in Canada.’
    • ‘I detect a slight right-of-centre bias.’
    • ‘They have come under growing attack recently from the right-of-centre federal government.’