Definition of right-to-work in English:



  • Relating to or promoting a worker's right not to be required to join a trade union.

    ‘Kansas is a right-to-work state’
    • ‘Its labor code is similar to antiunion right-to-work legislation in some US states.’
    • ‘I also think that Edwards took certain positions in his 1998 Senate campaign which won't work well in national Democratic politics - particularly, if I remember correctly, supporting right-to-work laws.’
    • ‘‘Free choice’ is the central value of the right-to-work movement, whether the antiunionists wield it disingenuously or not.’
    • ‘Oklahoma is the twenty-second state to adopt the right-to-work clause.’
    • ‘And now, a middle-aged millionaire white Southerner from a right-to-work state, he simply wants the same for others.’
    • ‘And labor, vastly outspent by big business in this right-to-work state, responded to Spitzer, and to clean elections in general, with a certain enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Asked by Matthews whether he supports state right-to-work laws protecting the right of workers not to join a union, Dean said no.’
    • ‘Work first to promote free trade before you call for right-to-work laws.’
    • ‘President Ronald Reagan's firing of the air-traffic controllers and a strong right-to-work movement in the South helped convince some OCAW members initially to distrust environmentalists.’
    • ‘In 1968 the church opposed the sale of liquor, supported Sunday closing laws, and favored right-to-work laws.’
    • ‘Such a court would come directly at organized labor, because they choose right-to-work laws over right-to-organize.’
    • ‘Bruce Prescott, a Baptist minister, notes that workers in the twenty-one states with right-to-work laws earn 15 percent less on average than workers in other states.’
    • ‘Because this happened in Texas, a right-to-work state, to add insult to injury, AMR refused to allow us to collect unemployment insurance.’
    • ‘RTW is an indirect measure of unionization as well as the ease with which plants can be organized; it is hypothesized that employers will prefer right-to-work states.’
    • ‘With an eye to union coffers, organizing poorly paid workers in poultry processing facilities in a right-to-work state surely appears less worthwhile than organizing workers with relatively secure jobs in the public sector.’
    • ‘Remember, the first great screaming about runaway production came when Dino DeLaurentiis built his facility in right-to-work North Carolina and others started shooting in right-to-work Florida.’
    • ‘The last two decades, however, have seen a dangerous rise in states adopting draconian right-to-work laws, especially in the South.’
    • ‘The right is renewing its efforts to pass state and federal right-to-work laws that prohibit requiring employees in a unionized workplace to pay dues to unions.’
    • ‘North Dakota, for example, has right-to-work labour laws and the third-lowest state income taxes in the United States.’
    • ‘Some 700 workers out of a total of 1,200 at the plant are members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 540 in this right-to-work state and consider the contract inadequate.’