Definition of right-to-lifer in English:



  • See right-to-life

    • ‘The Monitor's editor told me that there are four groups in America that a journalist should be careful not to annoy: the right-to-lifers, the pro-abortionists, the pro-Israeli lobby and the National Rifle Association.’
    • ‘Although there are atheist right-to-lifers, the militant leadership, organization and financial sponsorship of the antiabortion and ‘pro-family’ movements are religious.’
    • ‘For years Republicans have scored points off the Democrats for refusing to let an ardent right-to-lifer address the 1992 convention.’
    • ‘One doesn't have to be a right-to-lifer to feel squeamish about harvesting organs from a second-trimester fetus.’
    • ‘By claiming that abortions take place in dirty facilities and cause such illnesses as depression and breast cancer, right-to-lifers realized they could subtly move the focus of the debate.’