Definition of right-on in English:



derogatory, informal
  • In keeping with fashionable liberal or left-wing opinions and values.

    ‘the right-on music press’
    • ‘Cowen comes across as a right-on sort of guy and he's probably just been listening to his old mentor Albert Reynolds on Shannonside Radio, talking about how Bertie Ahern has let down the widows and orphans.’
    • ‘McEwan used to be as miserable and as macabre as he was right-on and left-wing.’
    • ‘Yet gender gaps can still divide the best of political bedmates as un-PC gripes tumble out of right-on mouths.’
    • ‘It's not really right-on to admit you'd quite like to be a full-time mother for a while at least.’
    • ‘Cuba's revolution saw in the decade of left-wing youth and right-on liberation.’
    • ‘It would seem that many right-on groups have decided that we're all so stupid that we are unable to exercise our own judgement and should rely on them to do so for us.’
    • ‘Instead it is full of right-on, modern recipes plus pictures of happy sheep and enormous frilly-leaved cabbages.’
    • ‘It is all the more aggravating that the producers no doubt consider themselves terribly radical and right-on, rather than manufacturers of a latter-day Black and White Minstrel Show.’
    • ‘You know when you meet someone and you don't think they're all that great a person but then they say something so right-on you think: ‘Wow, you totally get the way I see the world.’’
    • ‘That direct contact with food is something few children have these days, my own daughter included (and that's despite my right-on organic-mum predilection for stuffing her pack-up with fruit she never eats).’
    • ‘Every answer is scathing, sexy and so right-on.’
    • ‘And I have come across the idea a million times that if you supported the war you were right-wing and if you opposed it you were right-on.’
    • ‘Which particular right-on leftist or paleo-rightist was making this poisonously warped and cerebrally-challenged claim this time?’
    • ‘But they're also easier to put a finger on: the very issues that are trendy and right-on at the moment - child poverty, raising the minimum wage, affordable housing - are feminist issues.’
    • ‘The only people that complain about Jordan are women with smaller, saggier chests (all of them) and new men trying to convince the world how civilised and right-on they are.’
    • ‘For all of Michael Moore's right-on rhetoric about the American ruling elite, you've got to admit that if he didn't exist a genuinely democratic society would have to invent him.’
    • ‘Much more pertinently, as far as the bigger picture is concerned,, it was at that time she won the adoration of the right-on liberals and a legion of lesbians by outing herself and posing publicly with her then girlfriend.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Tommy Sheridan's socialists are so disengaged from devolution that, like oh-so-serious students in the kitchen at a party, they stayed away from Holyrood to stage their own right-on event on Calton Hill.’
    • ‘The right-on stuff tends to be said in a quieter voice.’
    • ‘If Glasgow's research shows that a right-on, edgy image strikes a chord not only with visitors but also its citizens, then it could work.’
    progressive, advanced, modern, forward-looking, forward-thinking, progressivist, go-ahead, enlightened, reformist, radical
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