Definition of right-hand man in English:

right-hand man


  • An indispensable helper or chief assistant.

    • ‘None of his right-hand men, some of whom would become Unita's most able commanders and diplomats in the 1980s, seems to have known what was going on.’
    • ‘Morrison's decision to promote his right-hand man Bob Stott to the job of chief executive never washed with the City.’
    • ‘There is no doubt Richmond president Clinton Casey and his right-hand man Greg Miller got the best coach available for their club.’
    • ‘Yves Colleu will be my right-hand man, my number two.’
    • ‘And then William Hague made Michael Portillo, the Tory Party's supreme Eurosceptic, his right-hand man.’
    • ‘Sanchez will be employed on a full-time basis and intends to bring in former Northern Ireland star Gerry Armstrong as his right-hand man.’
    • ‘Both robbed of their regular sailing partners in tragic circumstances, it was clear that their short time together had helped to put the terrible deaths of their right-hand men behind them.’
    • ‘He's his right-hand man in America and he lives in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The name most touted as successor is Paul Le Guen and his right-hand man, Yves Colleu, claimed yesterday that the former Lyon coach is waiting in the wings.’
    • ‘Up until the end of 2000 Kolev was known as the right-hand man of the current Prosecutor-General Nikola Filchev.’
    • ‘According to Bedford County court records, Reber, Falwell and Godwin also had discussions at Liberty University in 1993 with Dong Moon Joo, one of Moon's right-hand men and president of The Washington Times.’
    • ‘Her father, Robert Douglass, is a lawyer from Greenwich, Connecticut, and a former right-hand man to Nelson Rockefeller.’
    • ‘Sheeran was a local Teamsters president from Delaware who was close to Hoffa, but also the right-hand man to legendary mob boss Russell Bufalino.’
    • ‘The increasingly opaque Williams, dragged into the church's interminable conflicts, needs a right-hand man to keep an eye on the bigger picture.’
    • ‘Green had negotiated a 10% stake each in the business for himself and his long-standing right-hand man, Phil Cox.’
    • ‘Heath, ably assisted by his right-hand man Guy Rich - now in the Premier's Office - soon became bigger than the unit itself.’
    • ‘Calderwood can't help but tackle things head on, though, and he is ably assisted by his right-hand man, whom he refers to as the silent assassin.’
    • ‘Their political marriage began in 1994 and was consummated on Blair's rise to power three years later, with much of the credit going to his new right-hand man.’
    • ‘His right-hand man, Wilson, 25, came through the junior ranks at Orrell and has a Lancashire Colts cap to his name.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, his right-hand man, former Chief Councilman Kermit walked in, without any warning whatsoever.’
    second in command, second, number two, subordinate, junior, auxiliary, adjutant, lieutenant, subaltern, assistant, personal assistant, pa, aide, helper, henchman, underling
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right-hand man